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Augustine Chemparathy | Co-President

bioengineering 2019

Augustine is a junior interested in gene therapy and metabolic engineering. As Conference Chair, he’s excited to bring researchers who are making biology more engineerable and reproducible to campus. Augustine dreams of a future where science can differentiate stem cells into every mature cell type in the human body.


Emily Pang | Co-President

Mechanical Engineering 2018

Emily is a senior studying mechanical engineering and feminist, gender, and sexuality studies. In the future, she hopes to make an impact at the intersections of medicine and technology. She is particularly excited about medical devices and robotics, engineering for global development, and women's health issues. She enjoys spending time in the Product Realization Lab, reading about social issues, eating spicy foods, and admiring floral patterns. 


Gabe Weininger | Co-President

Biology 2019

Gabe is a junior interested in neurobiology and the neural interactions that underlie behavior. Gabe perviously served as an Officer on the Incubator Team and the Incubator Committee Co-Chair where he enjoyed sitting in on the lectures and advising teams on their prototyping projects. He is also on the Stanford Fencing Team and a member of the Giles Plant Neurosurgery Lab. In his free time he enjoys leading hikes at Huddart Park and skiing.


Ariana Barreau | Journal Committee Co-Chair

Biomechanical engineering 2019

Ariana is a pre-med junior majoring in Biomechanical Engineering. She is interested in pursuing an MD degree and hopes to create impactful and innovative medical technology. Ariana has been involved in SSB journal for two years and is looking forward to working with Victoria to manage SSB’s online magazine, Probe. In her free time, she loves to play tennis, teach children about the environment, read science fiction novels, and keep an art journal.


Chelsea Chen | Conference Co-Chair

Mechanical engineering 2020

Chelsea is a sophomore intending to major in mechanical engineering with a biology focus and minor in computer science. She is passionate about engineering medical devices and smart assistive tools to improve areas in the healthcare space, learning about clean tech for combating global warming effects and creating geometrically satisfying wall art. Chelsea is also a matcha, coffee, and Harry Potter fanatic. 


Lea Jabbour | Connect Chair

Bioengineering 2018

Lea is a senior studying bioengineering and interested in the intersection of medicine and technology. She is particularly excited about medical devices pertaining to cardiovascular disease treatment. She has been involved in SSB since arriving at Stanford, and hopes to continue improving and diversifying SSB’s projects. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, drawing, and eating sushi. 



Anjini Karthik | Conference Co-Chair

Computer science 2020

Anjini is a sophomore excited about computing in medicine, diagnostic technologies, and public health. She is currently working with physicians at the medical school on a web platform to identify causes of ischemic stroke. In her second year with the Conference team, she looks forward to bringing to campus, and learning from, leading researchers and healthcare entrepreneurs. Anjini also enjoys dancing, traveling, practicing photography, and spending time at CoHo.


Natalie Ng | Finance Officer

engineering physics 2018

Natalie is a senior majoring in Engineering Physics. She joined SSB as a freshman and has loved the community. She is interested in biophysics and computational biology.


Neal Patel | Incubator Class Co-Leader

Electrical Engineering 2019

Neal is a junior studying EE and interested in neuroelectronics.  Through the Incubator Class, Neal hopes to learn more about commercializing healthcare technologies, while supporting others as they learn the biodesign process.  When not busy building vision technologies, he can be found awake at 4:30 a.m. on Saturdays rooting for Chelsea FC.


Victoria Wang | Journal Committee Co-Chair

computer science 2017

Victoria is a senior interested in the intersection of computer science and medicine; she is especially passionate about clinical data mining and computational genomics. This is her first year in the SSB journal committee, and she is excited to launch Probe’s online presence with an awesome team. In her free time, she enjoys playing the violin, reading/writing, and drinking tea.


Shannon Wu | Director of Design

Computer science 2018

Shannon is a senior interested in the role of technology and design in healthcare. She is passionate about accessible healthcare and other social issues, and she hopes to learn more about social inequalities in medicine. This is her second year on the the SSB team. In her free time, Shannon enjoys swimming, visiting record stores, and drinking coffee.