Stanford Students in Biodesign



Stanford Students in Biodesign

Stanford Students in Biodesign is the largest student group at Stanford for those interested in building products and technology for healthcare and biomedicine.

Founded in 2001, we aim to cultivate and support an environment of healthcare innovation for students in engineering, design, and pre-health disciplines. We are supported by Stanford Biodesign and the Stanford School of Medicine, who share our goal of encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration when tackling problems in healthcare.


Our Goals

  1. Connect members of the Stanford community with advising, mentorship, and opportunities in biomedical innovation. We introduce students to biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies, faculty and alumni, and venture capital and private equity firms.

  2. Expose students to different pathways to biomedical innovation, such as industry, academia, business/entrepreneurship, and healthcare.

  3. Empower students with the tools and experiences to build for healthcare through workshops and targeted coursework on medical device and health technology design.

Our Initiatives

Incubator | Leads Stanford’s first project-based introductory course to medical device design for undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines

Connect | Introduces students to opportunities in the biotech, medtech, and biopharma industry through career panels, company tours, and alumni mixers

Project | Empowers students to explore the biodesign process

Conference | Brings cutting-edge research and innovation in biomedicine and healthcare through speaker series, student panels, and an annual spring biodesign conference

Journal | Directs the production and publication of Probe Magazine, which illuminates topics, issues, and pathways in medicine and technology

Project | Provides SSB members with a crash course on how to solve critical unmet medical needs through a hands-on, student run medtech project

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